Disponemos de soluciones de ID especialmente diseñadas para el sector minorista, tales como soluciones de fidelización, soluciones de etiquetado RFID (para seguimiento y autentificación de productos) a soluciones ID para el personal (como acreditaciones reutilizables y acreditaciones identificativas).

ID solutions – name badges and ID badges

Nowadays every customer-facing employee wears a name badge. From re-usable high quality name badges which can be worn with a pin or magnetic to custom-made staff ID credit-card sized badges that which can with existing access control or time & attendance systems.

Databac’s name badges help you to promote your company’s brand effectively and allow your clients to see who they are talking to.

We offer a complete bureau service so you can order whatever quantity of badges you need and we will send these to you within 48 hours. If you prefer to produce your own, we can provide everything you need for card personalisation. We offer complete ID badging systems “out-of-the-box” which include a suitable Desktop ID card printer, a colour ribbon, ID software and blank cards – plus full instructions. We offer installation, training and offer full technical support if you need it.

ID Cards can be worn with lanyards or badge reels pre-printed with your store logo to reinforce your corporate brand.


If you are looking for a loyalty system, we can provide you with a solution that allows you to implement your own reward schemes quickly and easily. With a desktop card printing / encoding station, you can issue loyalty and gift cards at the point of sale. You could even offer personalised cards using customers’ own photos.

For a truly interactive experience, a rewritable card system allows you to print personalised messages on customer cards each time they are presented, perhaps updating loyalty points or announcing special offers.

Access control, time recording and guard tour

Databac offers a wide range of easy-to-use systems for access control and time recording systems.  These range from using an RFID (which can be embedded in their ID badge) to the latest in biometric technology. We offer a range of terminals that can allow your staff to register their start and finish times and this date can then be exported for use in your payroll system.  The other thing we offer is called Guard Tour which makes sure your security staff regularly checks defined points within a shop or shopping centre to make sure that they are secure.  Our systems can link into CCTV and other building management systems..

Product tagging for authentication and tracking

We also supply tags and product labels for warehousing and inventory applications.

Our RFID tagging and label solutions can be used for brand authentication, whereby the product can be read and checked to make sure that it is the genuine article. In addition, products can be tracked and used for inventory control.

Dataimage Kiosk

Dataimage Kiosk is a freestanding flexible self-service terminal for retail outlets which allows customers to search and purchase products in the store.

Tarjetas regalo

Tarjetas regalo

Produzca sus propias tarjetas de regalo en el punto de venta.

Tarjetas de fidelidad reutilizables

Tarjetas de fidelidad reutilizables

Actualice los puntos de fidelidad o ofertas para sus clientes con nuestras tarjetas reutilizables.

Control horario

Control horario

Controle y analice la productividad de su personal.

Quiosko Dataimage

Quiosko Dataimage

Este terminal independiente es ideal para realizar los check-in  de manera automática en conferencias o demás eventos.

¿Cómo conseguir estos sistemas?

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